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Thunder Mountain Trade  International

The words thunder and mountain are used in reference to the powerful thunder beings and the sacred mountains where they dwell. Prior to the introduction of money as the form of exchange to this part of the world ,our American Indian Ancestors relied solely on trade as a means of aquaring and accommodating their needs. Although today it is almost impossible to get away from having to use money, it can be done simply by assessing the trade items and the labour involved. Money should be perceived as a form of trade and not something to be hoarded or piled up in a bank that can declare bankruptcy as has  happened on the global markets in 2008. Thunder mountain trade International, is registered under the protection of the Rocky Mountain Signatory Tribes and not subject to or restricted by the taxation or trade barriers of any foreign country. The items we trade or sell at this time are primarily wild American Indian Art and pure earth medicine (maskiki aski ), that can eradicate diabetes, cancer and aids just to name a few. All proceeds go to The Private School for American Indian Tribal Sciences.   

" A curriculum that is in harmony with the earth will bring harmony to the people of the earth. "



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