Name: Wapo Piesew 

Territory: Assini Watci  ( Rocky Mountains ) 

Tribe: Nehiyawak  ( Exact People )

Wapo Piesew is a Wildly Distinguished Keseynew ( oldman) and at 74 yrs of age is still creating what he refers to as “ Art/Jewelry “ that he started in 1970, each piece reflect his American Indian heritage and reminds him to disassociate from those civilized who use weapons of war and destruction, police action and mind control against the children of the world. The 22 brass bullet casings and wild horsehair with nickel beads are the fundamental parts for all his art although not one is ever made the same. The artist work is known to private collectors around the world, worthy as collectables. Each piece will enhance your home and office decor or should you wear it and feel comfortably wild. Several of these pieces are in the S.I.G.A.'S (Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority) collection of Indian Art and as far away as Frankfurt Germany ( American Indian Support Group ), and also the law firm Kiesel, Boucher and Larson of Beverly Hills California. These are a few places the artist is pleased to mention, and would also like it known that the sale of his art is given totally in support for the Private School of American Indian Tribal Sciences.

The Tribal Sciences taught are from the Ancient American Indians who knew how to access and use the purest form of energy to keep the Earth in Balance with the rest of the Universe. Our sciences have shown to us that all sickness from the polluting industrial world can be cured without radiation treatment. Diabetes can be cured as well as all other man made diseases.

The Private School experienced a recent devastating house fire and destroyed over 100,000 of Wapo Piesew's entire collection. Our objective is to raise 125,000 which will make the Tribal Sciences School totally independent with no need for future funding. He also invites other donors to contribute consciously and please request a receipt should it be necessary, all contributions can be sent by etransfer to or call 587 936 5999 to make other arrangements.

Wapo Piesew is currently working on another collection, the artists previous pieces can be viewed at the gallery link above.